15 Tonne Manual Hydraulic Press


15 tonne manual/hydraulic operation
The ram slides left to right
Width between front uprights ...628mm
Width between side uprights ...140mm
Opening in the table front to back ...170mm
Maximum height between ram and table ...840mm
Ram / piston stroke ...130mm
Ram diameter ...69mm
Dimensions of the machine (LxWxH)
Approx weight) 226kg

This high quality Workshop Press manufactured in Taiwan is suited to most workshops for general use where the cheaper brands just wont cut it.

Key Features:

- Remove & install bushes, Ball-joints, bearings, gears, and a whole lot more
- Manufactured from high quality materials
- Horizontal ram position can be manually adjusted
- Screw type rapid approach on ram
- A heavy duty winch allows the table to easily be lifted and lowered
- Large 100mm pressure gauge
- Spring return on ram
- Comes with a set of vee blocks & centres for shaft straightening

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