NT30 Turret Milling Machine (X/Y/Z) 875/380/420mm


This high quality Taiwanese machine tool is produced by a leading manufacturer of Vertical Turret Milling Machines. Featuring infinitely variable spindle speed, NT30 spindle taper and 875mm of Travel on X axis, the 3KVS is ideal all-purpose milling machine for any workshop . For more information contact our sales team on 07 32194000.


  • Infinitely variable speed spindle (High and Low)
  • NT30 spindle taper
  • Automatic quill feed 0.015, 0.04, 0.08mm/rev
  • Meehanite casting for maximum rigidity & minimal deformation
  • Large work table 10” x 54”
  • Dovetail slides ensure rigidity while machining
  • Hardened and ground worktable and slide ways
  • Turcite "B" coated X & Y Axis slide-ways with slide way covers
  • Head tilts ±45º forward to back
  • Head swivels ±90º left and right
  • Manual quick action quill lever
  • Mechanical spindle brake
  • Ram travels 400mm and can rotate 360°
  • High / neutral and low gear selection lever to maximise torque
  • Align AL-500S power-feed with adjustable feed stops


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3KVS Extended Table 54 inch
3KVS Rear Spigot
3KVS Electrical Cabinet
3KVS Turret Milling Machine
3KVS Turret Milling Machine
3KVS Head Tilt & Rotation
3KVS Optional Z Axis Rapid Feed
3KVS Pendant Control
3KVS Digital Readout 3 Axis
3KVS NT 30 Spindle
3KVS Spindle Power Down Feed
3KVS Align Power Feed
3KVS Manual  Lubrication Pump
3KVS Turret Milling Machine
3KVS Turret Milling Machine

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