Elsa Celebrate 25th Birthday!

Elsa Celebrate 25th Birthday!


With a long history of success that began in February 1997, Elsa and its flagship product, the Supercombinata, are nowadays brands known worldwide for quality and reliability.

Elsa started as a family business that soon became a global company: thanks to a well-developed distributor network and strong partnerships with the leading companies in the industry, Elsa is present in more than 100 countries.

The past year was marked by a number of important strategic decisions: The company introduced new management systems, working methods and organizational models, and made major investments in the areas of computerisation, quality, environment and safety. It also unveiled a new website with a graphic redesign of its historic logo.

These 25 years have been a long and arduous journey in which Elsa has met the demands of the market, always ensuring high quality standards. It is undoubtedly a numerically small company, but thanks to the strong commitment, mutual respect and experience of its team, it has been able to establish and consolidate international business relationships. By exporting 97% of its production, the company has become a point of reference all over the world.

All this has been possible thanks to the close collaboration with distributors, suppliers and, last but not least, customers, who have always given the company their trust, time and attention.

For the coming years, several projects are in the pipeline and new strategic investments are in sight. We will continue to expand our product range, invest in innovation, research and development to maintain the pioneering role that has distinguished us over the years.

This anniversary will be a new starting point from which we look to the future with enthusiasm.

Team Elsa

25 Years
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